Sunday, 22 January 2012

Four More Reach Target

Three more planes have reached the target cache at Manchester Airport, including my own plane. I probably haven't explained, but even though my plane is racing, it is just for fun, and if it were to reach all destinations first, it wouldn't win, simply because that would be unfair as I organised the race.

In other news, some planes have reached the south, with a couple in the London area, with a bit of luck they will reach the Heathrow cache before long. One of the planes G-SPECK AIR actually landed in one of London's biggest caches at the British Library.

Some planes spent some time at an East Midlands airport travel bug hotel. Sadly no one gave them the chance to fly from there to the US or Australia.

All the planes are moving along nicely now:~

Air 4 "Scuba 2" is in the hands from a cacher near Macclesfield in Cheshire, not too far from Manchester Airport, so that may be the next one to reach the target.

Berticusdan's Stealth Bomber reached Manchester Airport, but sadly flew from there to another cache and not abroad. It isn't too far from the airport though and hopefully someone will pick it up and read the information on the TB page and either move it back to the airport or indeed, take it overseas with them.

BR Air is still in New Hampshire, not having travelled far at all, in fact it is still in the owners hands.

Chramm Air is in London and is currently in the hands of some cachers who are going to try and get it nearer to Heathrow.

Creepy Crawlies Airways is having a long stopover at the target cache in Australia and has been stuck in that cache since January 1st.

Fly Firemountain is in the south and has been stuck in the same cache since January 4th

BP Air#1 is still in New Hampshire as is BP Air#2

Martinbryn Air is still in North Wales

MFC Air BaCas is at the Gatwick Airport Travel Bug Hotel, will that fly abroad from there to one of the other target caches, or will it make a short haul flight to Heathrow.

Whilst MFC Air BorderCaz is currently having a stopover on the M42 near Birmingham.

Podcache Show Airlines was recently retrieved by a cacher from a Lincolnshire cache, so that one could fly either way yet, and finally,

Treubleu's UK Geoflight is being trawled around the North West of England having been retrieved from the Manchester Airport target.

That's a full update of where we are up to at the moment.

More news will follow as and when.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Air Miles

The air miles are clocking up for most of our planes. Having said that two planes that were in the East Midlands Airport Travelbug Hotel took a very shorthaul flight of just over a mile in to another cache. It seems like these two planes are forming a display team by staying together!

Elsewhere planes are currently in Yorkshire, Manchester, Lincolnshire and North Wales. A couple of US entrants haven't moved too far from their original hangers.

In other news, Creepy Crawlie Airways is having a long stay at the Australian target cache having raced there so quickly after the race began. Two planes are still in the owners hands and show no signs of movement at this time.

More news to follow, as and when. Don't forget to keep the Facebook page updated with your own planes movements.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Cleared For Take Off

Happy 2012 to all race entrants. Your planes are now cleared for take off. Good luck with the race, don't forget for regular updates keep coming back and you can also update the air race Facebook page yourself.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Days Left

There are only a few days left to enter the TB Air Race. I am sorry that I haven't been updating regularly, we have had some serious family illness which has meant us being away from home a lot over the last few weeks. However, even if the blog isn't updated in early January, please start your planes off as planned and I will update as soon as I can.

If you still want to enter, email me with your TB number and a photo before 1st January.

Happy Christmas.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Back Home

I had an email from BlackstoneVal yesterday to let me know that he had now received his winning coin and the winners coin. He is going to email some photos over soon for me to add to the blog.

We are still waiting for a UK winner. Some racers are a lot closer than others with Pudsey currently residing in this very exclusive TB hotel I can't imagine any bug wanting to leave this place quickly, I am sure that Pudsey is feeling extremely pleased with himself to land in such a fine cache.

More news and a proper update soon. Meanwhile I have some business to attend to.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Latest News

So where are we at? We have entries lining up and waiting in their respective hangers. We even have some entries ready and waiting and the entrants don't know that they are entering yet!

We have cache owners all ready and waiting to keep an eye open for planes to arrive in their caches, here in the UK and also in the US and Australia.

The race is still on course to start on January 1st next year and entrants can set their plane off from any cache that they like. So for anyone on holiday for the New Year's holiday that will give you plenty of chances to set your plane off away from your home area.

More photos of entrants will be posted shortly.